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Building a healthy and health-creating society: Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs book launch

By SALUS User Experience Team 30 Jun 2020 0

Marking the launch of a new and extremely timely book, ‘Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs’, by former NHS chief executive Lord Nigel Crisp, this webinar panel discussion features some of the leading health creators in the UK exploring what is needed to build a healthy and health-creating society.


The book, Health is made at home, is all about creating health in the home, the workplace, the school, the community and wider society. It’s about creating the conditions for people to be healthy and helping them to be so.

The NHS has been fighting for our lives for the past few weeks and months. Throwing all its resources at the COVID-19 pandemic. The millions of health and care workers involved have been magnificent and it’s clear that we must resource them better for the future. But it can’t deal by itself with many of today’s major health problems, such as loneliness, stress, obesity, poverty and addictions. It can only do the repairs.

But there are people all over the country who are tackling the causes of these health problems in their homes, workplaces and communities. People like the Berkshire teachers working with children excluded from school; the unemployed men in Salford improving their community; and the bankers tackling mental health in the City. This book tells their stories and how they are creating health and helping to build a health-creating society.

Health is made at home challenges our assumptions about health and calls for everyone and every sector to be involved in building a healthy and health-creating society. It calls for a new partnership between the health creators, the NHS and government – and, in respect of the last two, explains what this will mean for both and what they should do to ensure this new partnership is a successful one.

In this first webinar in the series, chaired by Channel 4’s health and social care correspondent Victoria Macdonald and supported by HLM Architects, we hear from an esteemed panel: Dr Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet; Pam Warhurst, co-founder of Incredible Edible; Lord Andrew Mawson, executive chair of Well North Enterprises; and Poppy Jaman, chief executive of the City Mental Health Alliance; as well as the author of Health is made at home, Lord Nigel Crisp.

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