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Exploring health creation: Food, conservation and sustainable communities

By SALUS User Experience Team 13 Oct 2021 0

Health creation is about providing the conditions for people to be healthy and helping them to be so. In this first series, Nigel Crisp explores with leading figures from different sectors ideas and practical examples of health creation ‘in action,’ looking in turn at ‘communities and health; housing and planning; food and the environment; race and inclusion, and a case study of how one English county is taking the initiative.


In this third programme, Agamemnon Otero will describe the Energy Garden – an exciting community-based development that combines horticulture with energy generation – and Dr Jenny Bromley, a plant scientist, will introduce vertical farming and its potential benefits for sustainable and healthy food production. Nigel Crisp will also be joined by Sonia Roschnik, an expert on climate policy and health, and a public health expert to discuss these and other examples of the importance of food and conservation in building a healthy and health-creating society.