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Exploring health creation: Growing health together in Surrey

By SALUS User Experience Team 11 Nov 2021 0

Health creation is about providing the conditions for people to be healthy and helping them to be so. In this first series, Nigel Crisp explores with leading figures from different sectors ideas and practical examples of health creation ‘in action,’ looking in turn at ‘communities and health; housing and planning; food and the environment; and race and inclusion.


The focus in this fifth and final programme is on some of the activities underway in Surrey, ranging from small groups to the work of the County Council. Dr Gillian Orrow will present on Growing Health Together, a network of local people and organisations creating health across East Surrey in different ways from gardening and environmental groups to arts, sports and activities for people of different backgrounds and ages, and Dan Shurlock will set out how the Council is working with partners to create health and tackle inequalities. Nigel will also be joined by local resident Carol Heron and GP Professor Sir Sam Everington to discuss these examples and explore how individuals and organisations can create health in their own communities.