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Future Health 2050: Bench to bedside: rethinking investment across digital and physical infrastructure

By SALUS User Experience Team 09 Nov 2022 0

Where healthcare, academia and the private sector are co-located, the bench-to-bedside translation of research into clinical practice can often be energised and accelerated. In the UK, investment has been focused on how to better connect the Golden Triangle of the knowledge economies of London, Oxford and Cambridge, where the UK’s leading research institutions at Imperial College London, University College London, King’s College, University of Oxford and Cambridge University are based.


In this webinar, our expert panel will consider the challenges and opportunities around the world in creating a more effective collaboration that leverages all of the resources offered by the sector partners, from data to capital to talent. Fundamental questions will be asked, such as:


  • What are the barriers and constraints on capital investment in digital and physical infrastructure, including lab space, housing and community infrastructure?
  • Is investment in physical and digital infrastructure being integrated with workforce planning needs and expectations to attract the right talent?
  • Are publicly funded healthcare systems like the NHS able to move with the same pace and agility as their academic and commercial partners, or do they face greater constraints on investment
  • Is physical co-location as critical now, given the success of global research collaborations that are driving innovation, from the sequencing of the human genome to the global response for the development of diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics for Covid-19?
  • What lessons can be learnt internationally from other countries with successful life sciences industries?


Chair: John Kelly, Director, Lexica
Panel: Peter Ward, Director of real estate development, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS FT and King’s College
Ellie Richardson, Senior healthcare planner, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust
Sven Bunn, Life sciences programme director, Barts Health NHS Trust and Queen Mary University of London
Bob Klaber, Consultant general paediatrician, and director of strategy, research and innovation, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Melissa Morris, CEO and founder, Lantum