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Future Health 2050: Emerging therapies: how digital transformation is accelerating innovation

By SALUS User Experience Team 09 Nov 2022 0

Digital transformation and new technologies in health and life sciences are ushering in a new era of life-changing diagnostics and therapeutics for previously terminal or incurable diseases, from cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, to obesity, dementia, mental health and ageing.


Digital transformation is accelerating every part of the life sciences value chain. In this webinar, our expert panel will consider the opportunities and barriers to innovation in the development of new therapies that are more personalised, accessible and sustainable, addressing core questions such as:


  • Will rapid digitisation create a panacea of interoperability, data exchange, faster analysis, and synthesis of data to inform the creation of new therapies? 
  • Is the future of new therapies less about lab work and more about mass data mining and exchanges across global platforms?
  • What are the workforce implications for those who access and analyse this data – and those who are needed to build it?
  • How can research data be accessed safely and securely across borders?  
  • What roles do patients, health systems, governments, new start-ups, established pharma and academic research have to play?
  • How can collaboration be incentivised for the greater benefit of society? 
  • What are the barriers and challenges that can block innovation?
  • How do we integrate physical and digital infrastructure with workforce needs? 


Chair: Liz Paslawsky, Executive chair, SALUS
Panel: Sarah Kerruish, Chief strategy officer, Kheiron Medical
Sir Muir Gray, Director, Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare; Former chief knowledge officer, NHS England
Joanna Smith, Digital advisory lead, Lexica
Tamara Rajah, Chief business and science officer, Holland & Barrett
Phillipa Winter, Industry account chief technologist for central government, health and social care within OCTO, Softcat