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Homes4Life: certification for investment in ageing in place

By Menno Hinkema 25 Nov 2019 0

At the time this session takes place, Homes4Life will be in transition from its conceptual phase to development of a certification scheme. This talk offers the opportunity to: reflect on the project’s proposed vision on and working taxonomy of age-friendly homes in terms of their characteristics, requirements and effects; and receive input from experiences of the development of the Homes4Life certification scheme.

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Our homes have a tremendous impact on our health and wellbeing. Ensuring their suitability and adaptability to people’s needs and preferences is one of the most effective approaches to respond to challenges brought to us by Europe’s ageing demographics. A huge share of the building stock, however, is not adapted for ageing at home.

Faced with the above, researchers, architects, older persons and certification experts have teamed up to develop a new European certification scheme for ageing in place. Ensuing from analysis of how ageing demographics will impact home adaptation, the Homes4Life certification will offer a holistic life-course approach to housing, which integrates affordable construction and digital solutions. It will be flexible enough to address specificities of each country and apply to both new and existing buildings.

Homes4Life is run by a multidisciplinary group of nine partners from five EU countries (Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium), led by the leading European research centre Tecnalia. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Method: The Homes4Life vision, vision document and taxonomy will be presented, with barriers to innovation and investment explored. Inputs are mapped on to a visual representation of the Homes4Life taxonomy using a Mindmap tool or equivalent. The mapping will be discussed and major clusters identified. Discussion outcomes will be synthesised into recommendations for  finalisation of the taxonomy and vision document, and into identification of areas of interest for the Homes4Life certification scheme.

Conclusion: The session will conclude with a preview of the second year of the project and will highlight opportunities for participants to stay informed and engage with the project.

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