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Mobile isolation capsules boost capacity for India’s healthcare system

By Andrew Sansom 21 Aug 2020 0

Indian construction company Vevra has joined forces with specialist healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) firm Vigie, part of the InnoWave Group, to jointly fight the pandemic.

The Vevra pods project addresses the lack of appropriate facilities in India to receive patients infected with COVID-19. The project, which consists of a set of mobile isolation capsules, has the aim of increasing capacity to treat infected patients while reducing the strain on other hospital services.

Vevra has IoT solutions at the heart of its operation, so partnering with Vigie by InnoWave was a logical solution to the crisis. The project will equip Vevra pods with the ability to constantly monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ultraviolet light, differential pressure (to keep the air inside the pods to avoid contamination of adjacent areas), and air quality. 

The Vigie+ platform is used for collecting and visualising data from different sensors installed inside, and provide real-time alarms if environmental conditions change. This solution, says the IT specialist, can be quickly and easily deployed in remote areas that are not easily accessible to hospital staff, as well as outside of the main hospital buildings to avoid any risk of the virus spreading.

“The pods can be annexed to an existing hospital to avoid cross-contamination, as they have the negative air pressure with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters,” says Mahesh Krishnachari , Vevra’s director. “All variants of Vevra pods allow natural light to enter. This helps in uplifting the mood of the patients and promotes faster recovery and their general wellbeing.”

He adds that the pods are equipped with a reverse osmosis water purifier and a provision for oxygen supply.

Helder Fernandes, head of product at Vigie by InnoWave, describes the project as aligned to the company’s mission ­– to change people’s lives through innovation. 

“We’re specialised in IoT monitoring systems in Europe and USA, and we’re eager to embrace this project and expand in other regions, as we’re already co-operating with US companies to supply Vigie,” he says.

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