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Cancer Care by Design International Symposium

Cancer care in context: Bridging the gap between science and the community

By SALUS User Experience Team 03 Apr 2023 0

Cancer poses an enormous challenge to both patients and the healthcare system, reflecting a growing clinical need on the one hand and a growing number of options on the other. A critical challenge therefore is to consider how rapid technological developments might be levied to improve healthcare.


This is particularly true for newer treatment approaches, targeting the human immune system; in the last decade, a small number of drugs has made cures possible even in advanced cancer, but only in a minority of patients.

We and others are now attempting to define how we might use existing drugs in a more focused way and to identify those patients who are most likely to benefit from a particular drug. On the other hand, we are developing truly personalised medicines, where one treatment is produced for each individual person. An additional challenge is how to reach out to our communities and to make available the opportunities more widely. These three strands shape our vision of cancer research, in our hospital and in partnership with the University of Liverpool, and with our national and international collaborators

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