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Cancer Care by Design International Symposium

Expert panel: Briefing the next generation of cancer care facilities

By SALUS User Experience Team 03 Apr 2023 0

This expert design panel will explore what the brief might look like for a new generation of cancer care facilities, identify the best ways of working with healthcare professionals and patient communities to deliver these aims, and bring the lessons they have learned to the discussion.


As medicine moves rapidly towards a predictive, personalised and participative approach, the cancer care journey for patients is evolving.

From risk reduction and prevention, to screening, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, new models of care are redefining the settings and environments in which cancer care is experienced. Meeting clinical and research requirements and adapting to new technologies and treatments are critical, but new cancer centres also need to apply universal architectural principles that embody health and wellbeing, are low in carbon, challenge outdated guidance, and reject the unambitious repetition of failed typologies.