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Cancer care / Quality improvement

Cancer Care by Design International Symposium

Innovation and quality improvement: Visions of the future of cancer services in Wales and the UK

By SALUS User Experience Team 03 Apr 2023 0

This talk explores how the face of cancer care and the way it is delivered is changing dramatically.


The pandemic has highlighted the disruption that acute pressures can put on elective services, as well as the benefits in the separation of acute and planned care, a huge expansion in demand for diagnostics, systemic therapies, and the technical revolution in the delivery of radiotherapy.

Patients are increasingly ‘assessed to admit’ rather than ‘admitted to be assessed’, leading to a change in the ratio of capacity required for oncology inpatients and ambulatory care. Patients are now often being managed remotely in virtual clinics and wards. The rapidly changing technology is leading to precision oncology where patients, treatments and even communities are selected on molecular and phenotypical characteristics of the patient and their disease. This will change the way healthcare is delivered and hospitals need to be future proofed to be able to adapt to this changing landscape

As well as these service developments, there is also an increasing appreciation that if we do not look after the health, wellness and job satisfaction of our staff, we will not be able to recruit and retain the highest calibre of healthcare professional.

Our current cancer centre is over 60 years old and increasingly unfit for purpose, unable to support the level of patient-centred, holistic and excellent care to which the new Velindre Cancer Centre aspires. After identifying a suitable ‘green field’ site, we worked closely with local residents, the wider community and politicians, engaging and listening to their ideas and concerns to develop Velindre as a future regional, specialist cancer centre. Not only will this facility be focused on continuously improving patient outcomes but is also one of the greenest hospitals in the UK, conducive to health, wellness and recovery, and adaptable to the rapid changes we are seeing in the way cancer care is being delivered.

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