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Tactical urbanism for COVID-19: short-term interventions with a long-term health vision

By David Rojas-Rueda 02 Jun 2020 0

Tactical urbanism is a low-cost, temporary intervention that can be quickly implemented in cities of any size, explains David Rojas from Colorado State University. Many of these interventions can be made permanent to promote urban improvements and public health.


This infographic poster summarises tactical urbanism interventions that can support COVID-19 mitigation strategies, with a long-term health vision. 

Tactical urbanism is a complementary tool to containment strategies, such as a co-ordinated government response, widespread testing, contact tracing, and quarantine. These interventions should at least be considered until curative treatment and/or a vaccine becomes widely available. 

This poster is authored by David Rojas-Rueda MD, MPH, PhD, an assistant professor at Colorado State University. He is an epidemiologist, and risk assessor specialised in environmental health. The poster is also available in Spanish – contact him via his details at the bottom of his poster.

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